Mike Pence — How Low Will The Opposition Go?

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has recent­ly found him­self the sub­ject of much deri­sion from the peren­ni­al oppo­si­tion to all things Trump, or indeed all things that don’t fit the “pro­gres­sive” Sex and the City arc of what it means to be human in the new(ish) mil­len­ni­al times.  As an aside, one might observe that much of what seems to be con­sid­ered pro­gres­sive is, in fact, rather old, dat­ed and tired … but that’s a dis­cus­sion…

"Mike Pence — How Low Will The Opposition Go?"

The Susan Rice Scandal Provides Some Clarity

As expect­ed, Ann Coulter pro­vides some insight­ful com­men­tary and salient points about the unfold­ing Susan Rice scan­dal and the ongo­ing alt-left and main­stream media-dri­ven nar­ra­tive about Russia “inter­fer­ing with” the 2016 U.S. Presidential elec­tion.  Perhaps Russia did involve itself in American affairs in some nefar­i­ous man­ner:  I doubt that we will ever know, one way or anoth­er, for cer­tain — par­tic­u­lar­ly not now that we know, among oth­er things, that U.S. intel­li­gence agen­cies them­selves con­duct a vari­ety of com­put­er…

"The Susan Rice Scandal Provides Some Clarity"

The Curious Case of Judge Neil Gorsuch

It seems that in a final death cry among the oppo­si­tion to the nom­i­na­tion and inevitable con­fir­ma­tion of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court a cer­tain small group of rab­ble-rousers — encour­aged and enabled yet again by cer­tain mem­bers of the so-called “pro­gres­sive” left press — have decried Gorsuch is a pla­gia­rist. Read more @ Breitbart.com Professor Robert George of Princeton University was the gen­er­al edi­tor for Gorsuch’s pub­lish­er, the Princeton University Press. “I can only say that [these…

"The Curious Case of Judge Neil Gorsuch"

Is Islamofascism The Real Threat?

The war of civ­i­liza­tions con­tin­ues in Europe. Read the full arti­cle @  TorontoSun.com In the lat­est ter­ror­ist attacks, a bomb blew up inside a St. Petersburg sub­way sta­tion, killing 14 Russians, bare­ly a fort­night after a jiha­di killed four peo­ple in London, England. Yet there are still many in Canada who wrong­ly believe the ene­my we face is Islamophobia and not . By con­trast, in Europe, it is increas­ing­ly dif­fi­cult to con­ceal the truth under the guise of polit­i­cal cor­rect­ness. In France, the baton…

"Is Islamofascism The Real Threat?"

Forced Speech Is Not Free Speech

An oppor­tu­ni­ty to make their dis­plea­sure known’: Government pulls fund­ing of pro­noun pro­fes­sor Read Full Article @  NationalPost.com University of Toronto psy­chol­o­gy pro­fes­sor Dr. Jordan Peterson has had a fed­er­al research grant appli­ca­tion denied for the first time in his long and dis­tin­guished aca­d­e­m­ic career. And he’s cer­tain that the rejec­tion from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the gov­ern­ment agency that sup­ports post-sec­ondary research, is linked to the con­tro­ver­sy sur­round­ing his stand on…

"Forced Speech Is Not Free Speech"

No Borders — No Nations

Swedes ‘Scream and Cry’ as ‘Refugee Children’ Deported for Lying About Their Age Source:  Breitbart.com In the fea­tured image you’ll notice one of the pro­test­ers has a sign that says NO BORDERS — NO NATIONS.  To her, and those who share her sen­ti­ments (and I’ve seen/heard it before), here is my mes­sage:  Let’s remove the bor­ders.  And, let’s effec­tive­ly elim­i­nate the nation state of Sweden and the priv­i­leges, rights and pro­tec­tions (among oth­er things) that you enjoy as…

"No Borders — No Nations"

The Hypocrisy of Sanctuary Cities

The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution says that fed­er­al laws are supreme over state laws.  It’s treat­ed like a ratch­et:  So if it’s a fed­er­al law Liberals like — We shall have one nation­al abor­tion law —  Abortion will be legal — That must be enforced.  Or the gay mar­riage rul­ing.  And, by the way, these aren’t laws these are mere Supreme Court opin­ions.  — Ann Coulter Sanctuary city may­ors hyp­o­crit­i­cal­ly slammed Trump — then Ann Coulter fired back. Source:  TheBlaze.com

"The Hypocrisy of Sanctuary Cities"

CNN Owned Compilation

Whether you con­sid­er the video to depict CNN get­ting “owned,” as it were, that’s the title of the video as post­ed on Youtube, and so it is the title that I have used for this post intend­ed sim­ply to share the video with­out any com­ment from myself.  Well … per­haps just one com­ment or, rather, one quote from the video; and, what­ev­er you may think about the source (Milo Yiannopoulos) I don’t think any rea­son­able per­son will…

"CNN Owned Compilation"

Hot For Teacher

Two Female Texas Teachers Accused of Middle School Sex Source:  Breitbart.com In a seem­ing­ly recent wave of twen­ty-some­thing female teach­ers in Texas get­ting bust­ed for hav­ing sex with their stu­dents, two more now stand accused of cross­ing the line, this time with mid­dle school­ers. On March 21, Trophy Club police arrest­ed Katherine Ruth Harper, a sev­enth grade English teacher at Tidwell Middle School in the Northwest Independent School District. She also coached cheer­lead­ers. Officers alleged Harper, 27, had a sex­u­al…

"Hot For Teacher"

The Smugness of the “Progressive Left”

It is, indeed, the smug­ness of the so-called “Progressive Left” that is one of the biggest take­aways, for me, when watch­ing pro­grams such as Tucker Carlson:  His guests — who seem to be pre­dom­i­nant­ly from the alt-left which, indeed, is part of Carlson’s shtick — almost with­out fail have a smug­ness … a smirky­ness (I know it’s not a word) … an air of enti­tle­ment and supe­ri­or­i­ty.  And it’s always enjoy­able to watch Tucker wipe that smirk right off their faces.  Every…

"The Smugness of the “Progressive Left”"