No Borders — No Nations

Swedes ‘Scream and Cry’ as ‘Refugee Children’ Deported for Lying About Their Age

In the fea­tured image you’ll notice one of the pro­test­ers has a sign that says NO BORDERS — NO NATIONS.  To her, and those who share her sen­ti­ments (and I’ve seen/heard it before), here is my mes­sage:  Let’s remove the bor­ders.  And, let’s effec­tive­ly elim­i­nate the nation state of Sweden and the priv­i­leges, rights and pro­tec­tions (among oth­er things) that you enjoy as a Swedish cit­i­zen.  Can I watch as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram … along with a mil­lion Gypsies, tramps and thieves arrive to show you, among oth­er things, just how much Islam respects women and is the so-called Religion of Peace?  Or how long before you “can’t bear it” are “hav­ing a pan­ic attack” and “can’t breathe”?

Around 60 Swedes gath­ered to protest …”
In oth­er news … 9.593 MILLION Swedes waved BUH-BYE!!!

Two-thirds of “child refugees” are adults, Home Office fig­ures reveal
It comes as Government depart­ment rules out ‘uneth­i­cal’ den­tal checks to ver­i­fy age of refugees

Afghan refugees who swin­dled £87,000 in ben­e­fits by pre­tend­ing to be CHILD MIGRANTS jailed

No WONDER our politi­cians banned age tests: Majority of child refugees checked are ADULTS

Afghan migrant accused of killing Freiburg stu­dent admits to lying about age


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