1001 Sandwiches

Well, maybe not that many.  I don’t know.  There’s obvi­ous­ly near infi­nite vari­a­tion on themes, but a cheese sand­wich, a cheese sand­wich with pick­les, and a cheese sand­wich with a gentleman’s rel­ish real­ly are all cheese sand­wich­es.

There’s an entire Wikipedia sec­tion on sand­wich­es … many dif­fer­ent kinds from var­i­ous coun­tries and cul­tures.  I think I shall start mak­ing some.  Perhaps a new sand­wich every week for a year.  No, that’s a bit too much sand­wich com­mit­ment for my lik­ing; but I will endeav­our to try a few, at least, in the com­ing months.

Please don’t any­body ever refer to it as a “sand­wich chal­lenge,” and if you decide for some per­son­al rea­son to, in fact, make it into some sort of “chal­lenge” please don’t feel it nec­es­sary to post pho­tos to (anti)social media of all 100 (or how­ev­er many) sand­wich­es that you make, or claim that you are doing it for char­i­ty or to “raise aware­ness.”

The Bierock sounds par­tic­u­lar­ly good.  It would like­ly keep well for days, and be suit­able to be served cold in a work lunch box (don’t see many of those any more).  This sand­wich isn’t par­tic­u­lar­ly sand­wich-like in the minds of most peo­ple:  It is just that fact, how­ev­er, that also makes it seem­ing­ly a good can­di­date for freez­ing extras for use a few weeks or months down the road.  I guess the Bierock is more like what I know as a meat pie; Wikipedia describes it as a yeast dough pas­try pock­et sand­wich.  While it looks very good it might be one of those cas­es where hours of time — shop­ping, prepa­ra­tion, bak­ing — results in a prod­uct that, while good or even very good, ulti­mate­ly doesn’t seem worth the time and effort to do it again.

I imag­ine tra­di­tion­al­ly such sand­wich­es were rel­a­tive­ly more eas­i­ly pre­pared — cer­tain­ly less of an event — like­ly more quick­ly assem­bled with left­overs, per­haps arranged in a Dutch oven and placed direct­ly in the hearth; not requir­ing a spe­cial shop­ping list (I don’t know when I last bought cab­bage), trip to the store, planned prepa­ra­tion and get­ting orga­nized, actu­al prepa­ra­tion, pre-heat­ing an oven (prob­a­bly just for this), bak­ing, cool­ing a bit, and have a few peo­ple scarf them down, say “yeah they were good,” and leave me think­ing that I could have got­ten just as good (or bet­ter) reac­tion to a cheese and toma­to sand­wich.

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