Wake up FAST America!

That’s right … WAKE UP FAST AMERICA There’s a stereo­type of Americans as arro­gant, and igno­rant about the world out­side of the U.S.A.  I don’t believe it, and nev­er have, because there has nev­er been a stereo­typ­i­cal American  —  at least not in my life­time.  There may be what some out­side of America think of as a stereo­typ­i­cal American, but that is sim­ply demon­stra­tive of the igno­rance of those who think that.  It’s obvi­ous, for exam­ple, how and why the aver­age Canadian prob­a­bly knows as much about America as Americans.  It’s also obvi­ous how and why the aver­age American would not know much at all about Canada, and it’s like­ly a fair state­ment that the aver­age American has no need to know much about Canada … or, for that mat­ter, much of the world out­side of the bor­ders of the U.S.  The United States is so vast and diverse, in a vari­ety of ways, that she in many ways effec­tive­ly com­pares to mul­ti­ple coun­tries.

Among oth­er things, the parts of the world that aren’t watch­ing Bollywood films are watch­ing Hollywood films, and tele­vi­sion, and lis­ten­ing to pre­dom­i­nant­ly (or at least a large per­cent­age) of American music.  Few are lis­ten­ing to Canadian music or watch­ing … Beaverwood movies and tele­vi­sion?  No, there is no such thing  —  It’s sim­ply known, dry­ly (in true Canadian form), as Canadian Content (or CanCon), and Toronto and Vancouver both like to pro­claim them­selves to be the true Hollywood North.  Few Canadians them­selves want to watch or lis­ten to Canadian con­tent  —  So much so that the gov­ern­ment has to force it, by law, on Canadians who are also forced to pay for it, whether they like it or not, through their noto­ri­ous­ly high tax­es.

Mao and Stalin would be proud of America's burgeoning ranks of dangerously misinformed and misguided youth .. and more than a few adults also
Mao and Stalin would be proud of America’s bur­geon­ing ranks of dan­ger­ous­ly mis­in­formed and mis­guid­ed youth .. and more than a few adults also.

So, what do America and Americans have to wake up to fast?  The threat of rapid­ly creep­ing social­ism and com­mu­nism infect­ing American pol­i­tics and soci­ety in myr­i­ad threat­en­ing ways.  The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been hijacked and so thor­ough­ly trans­formed by its extreme pro­gres­sive wing that, as it stands, if mod­er­ates do not re-take con­trol of the DNC and change the party’s plat­form and direc­tion then not just patri­ot­ic Americans but sim­ply sane Americans real­ly have no choice but to con­tin­ue to vote Republican for the fore­see­able future.  Because quite frankly, as it stands, a vote for a Democrat is a vote per­haps not for social­ism or com­mu­nism, but assured­ly a vote that is and will con­tin­ue to move America clos­er to that very dan­ger­ous precipice from which return, if it hap­pens at all, will involve a long, dif­fi­cult, painful and bloody bat­tle  —  As it has in many places and many times as peo­ples and coun­tries have, after liv­ing on the under its bru­tal heel (some­times for gen­er­a­tions), come to the real­iza­tion that the evils of social­ism and com­mu­nism do jus­ti­fy more than just words and hope in order to fight it and win.

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