When a shithole becomes a shitstorm

The polit­i­cal left seem to love trite terms like “speak truth to pow­er” so it is inter­est­ing — not real­ly (and cer­tain­ly not sur­pris­ing) — that they don’t embrace President Trump speak­ing at least a basic truth and one that most Americans (and Canadians, and Britons, and Australians, etc.) agree with.

Why do I say basic truth:  Because while, per­haps, there is some fair­ness (not hys­ter­ics) in exam­in­ing the mes­sage and the source, go vis­it Haiti and most, if not all of the African con­ti­nent … and see how quick­ly you find your­self bit­ing your tongue try­ing not to say, What a shit­hole!  At a min­i­mum, at least com­par­a­tive­ly:  Look at Manhattan, Toronto, Sydney, Oslo, Auckland, Helsinki and com­pare them to Lagos, Johannesburg, Mogadishu, Accra, Kampala or Lusaka.  You’re going to real­ly need to use your best intel­lec­tu­al and men­tal gym­nas­tics to try to con­vince sane peo­ple that Africa or Haiti are great places.  I don’t care how nice the peo­ple are, what the poten­tial of the coun­tries and peo­ples is, what you thought of it when you vis­it­ed on your last char­i­ty mis­sion (a clue in and of itself) … There’s a rea­son some­thing like a MILLION Africans are try­ing to flee to Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and any­where but Africa.


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