The Political Left’s Dangerous Support of Islamists

In May 2017 Ayaan Hirsi Ali appeared on The Rubin Report to dis­cuss the chal­lenge of Dawah (the preach­ing or pros­e­ly­tiz­ing of Islam), the left’s alliance with Islamists, inter­sec­tion­al­i­ty, the indoc­tri­na­tion occur­ring on col­lege cam­pus­es, and more.

Back in 2013 The Independent pub­lished an arti­cle, Why is the left so blink­ered to Islamic extrem­ism?, which dis­cuss­es the One Law For All — No Sharia Law Campaign report Siding With the Oppressor:  The Pro-Islamist Left, and the then more nov­el trou­bling find­ings — arguably it is a real­i­ty that has become all too clear with the pas­sage of a few years time — regard­ing the left’s love of and adher­ence to the iden­ti­ty pol­i­tics pit­ting of one “vic­tim” group against the rest of soci­ety and indeed, more and more, against each oth­er when con­flict aris­es:  Whose human rights should take prece­dent … this group based on reli­gion, or this group based on gen­der (both as most sane peo­ple know the term and in its mod­ern bas­tardized mean­ing relat­ing to gen­der the­o­ry), or this group based on a dif­fer­ent reli­gion, or this group based on (insert pret­ty much any “iden­ti­ty” here).

I would argue that — and this is extreme­ly sim­pli­fied and brief — the polit­i­cal (and cul­tur­al) left, as a group and indi­vid­u­al­ly, are so over­whelm­ing­ly keen to be seen to be, and sup­port, “diver­si­ty” and “equal­i­ty” and “mul­ti­cul­tur­al­ism,” and to virtue sig­nal about same, that they will, in effect, hold the door open for their exe­cu­tion­er.  The rea­sons why are, fun­da­men­tal­ly, not very com­pli­cat­ed … but I’ll leave that for anoth­er day.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the preach­ing of Islam and the Left’s alliance with Islamists (Part 1 of 2):


Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the preach­ing of Islam and the Left’s alliance with Islamists (Part 2 of 2):

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