Tyra Banks Continues Her Attack On The President

This week I watched S24E03, Beauty Is a Trademark, of America’s Next Top Model, and again this week (they took a break dur­ing episode 2, at least) the pro­duc­ers of ANTM felt it nec­es­sary to pro­vide a plat­form of vul­gar­i­ty and hate direct­ed at the President of the United States, framed as some sort of empow­er­ing young women to … I’m not sure what.

It was the ANTM famous makeovers episode  —  there’s one every sea­son  —  where Tyra Banks has cho­sen a sig­na­ture “look” (just a new hair­style) that she believes best suits each con­tes­tant (“edgy”, punk, androg­y­nous, long hair, short hair, etc.).  There’s inevitably tears or tantrums, occa­sion­al­ly a girl will out­right refuse the makeover, and I think pos­si­bly on one sea­son a con­tes­tant may have actu­al­ly cho­sen to leave the com­pe­ti­tion over an ulti­ma­tum to get her hair changed or leave.

This sea­son, whether Tyra tru­ly felt that 20-year-old Liberty Netuschil of Lava Hot Spring, Idaho, was best suit­ed to red hair — “You vot­ed red, so you’re going red,” Tyra tells her — or it was sim­ply an oppor­tu­ni­ty to set-up for anoth­er attack on the American President, I’m not sure:  I sus­pect both or, at least, that the oppor­tu­ni­ty to attack Trump was seen as an added bonus.  Indeed the red hair col­or cho­sen for Ms Netuschil most assured­ly worked for her and, along with her nat­ur­al beau­ty, per­son­al­i­ty and mod­el­ling tal­ent, she won the chal­lenge this week in a pho­to-shoot to show off their new looks.

Earlier this month I wrote about how in episode 1, The Boss Is Back, the pro­duc­ers (Tyra Banks is exec­u­tive pro­duc­er, host, head judge, and cre­ator of the show) felt it appro­pri­ate and/or nec­es­sary to play a sin­gle con­tes­tant, Liberty Netuschil — a self-pro­claimed Trump sup­port­er — against, seem­ing­ly, every­one else:  With sub­tle and not so sub­tle tech­niques used to cre­ate an omi­nous and “low” tone, atmos­phere and emo­tion when Liberty said that she sup­ports Donald Trump, jux­ta­posed with a more “upbeat” or “hope­ful” tone, atmos­phere and emo­tion when they gave a plat­form to “Chrissy,” from Atlanta, to effec­tive­ly respond to Ms Netuschil — although no response was nec­es­sary (unless you have virtue sig­nalling to do or a polit­i­cal state­ment to make) — by call­ing President Trump a “racist” and Ms Netuschil and her par­ents “racists” also for vot­ing for President Trump (as mil­lions of oth­er Americans did).

Donald Trump, he’s a fuck­ing ass­hole.  I’m an activist and I’m bi-racial.  I face adver­si­ty, and so I’m real­ly pas­sion­ate about a lot of issues in this world.  If you’re vot­ing for him you’re either mis­in­formed or your just igno­rant.  — @kylasorad

When you watch the video (above) and lis­ten to Vancouver, Washington’s 20-year-old Kyla Coleman what do you hear?  What do you see?  What mes­sage do you take away?  What impres­sion do you get of Ms Coleman as she declares, “Donald Trump, he’s a fuck­ing ass­hole” and goes on — obliv­i­ous to the real world out­side of the echo cham­ber she lives in and the “woke” pro­gres­sives she no doubt sur­rounds her­self with — to pro­claim that “I’m an activist” (as if that real­ly means any­thing) and, like in episode 1, is quick to play the iden­ti­ty pol­i­tics card of “I’m bi-racial” (again com­plete­ly mean­ing­less oth­er than help­ing her find a place in the peck­ing order of the totem pole of vic­tim­hood — and note there’s only one part of the bi-racial that she latch­es onto, and it isn’t the Caucasian part).  With protest images dis­play­ing, includ­ing @kylasorad hold­ing up a “Don’t Shoot” sign (full of her­self as she no doubt thinks she’s “mak­ing a dif­fer­ence”) she tells us, “I face adver­si­ty” (not too much, I’d say, as you are one of the rich­est peo­ple on the plan­et, you live in the most free coun­try and soci­ety that has ever exist­ed, and you’re a con­tes­tant on ANTM), and a fur­ther procla­ma­tion that she’s “very pas­sion­ate about a lot of issues in this world.”

Kyla Coleman sows seeds of contempt and division in her community with her 'Don't Shoot' BLM protests.
Kyla Coleman sows seeds of con­tempt and divi­sion in her com­mu­ni­ty with her ‘Don’t Shoot’ BLM protests.

She sums up by insult­ing the cir­ca 63,000,000 Americans who vot­ed for President Trump (and the mil­lions more who didn’t vote but do sup­port him and his poli­cies) by blurt­ing out, “if you’re vot­ing for (Donald Trump) you’re either mis­in­formed or your just igno­rant.”

As a quick aside, let’s take a look at how informed (or igno­rant) some of Ms Coleman’s fel­low woke com­rades are:

Of course Ms Coleman — like any oth­er 20-year-old who thinks they are so informed, so expe­ri­enced, so impor­tant, and know so much bet­ter — is enti­tled to her opin­ion, and I’m not going to get fur­ther into dis­sect­ing and ana­lyz­ing it.  As the say­ing goes, I’ll just let it hang there like the bad fart smell that it is.

Darth Vader implores Princess Leia to pull his finger (fart) and release the power of the dark side.
Darth Vader implores Princess Leia to pull his fin­ger (fart) and release the pow­er of the dark side.

My issue here is with Ms Tyra Banks who is, after all, very much of what she claims and is pur­port­ed to be:  Tyra is a very suc­cess­ful mod­el (prob­a­bly the most suc­cess­ful and famous mod­el in his­to­ry), she is a very suc­cess­ful busi­ness woman, she is very intel­li­gent, she does have an excel­lent and broad skill base to draw on and has done so repeat­ed­ly and suc­cess­ful­ly to, in fact, make her a “boss” (as the young girls now like to say) and be the “empow­ered” and suc­cess­ful woman that she men­tors, chal­lenges and inspires young girls to be.  So, quite frankly, it is beneath Ms Banks to per­mit one of her great­est achieve­ments, America’s Next Top Model, to be used as a plat­form for vul­gar­i­ty and hatred direct­ed at any­one, and par­tic­u­lar­ly at the President of the United States of America.  The only coun­try on the plan­et, and in the his­to­ry of the plan­et and humankind, where some­one like Ms Banks could become what she is today.  It wouldn’t have hap­pened in Canada or Australia.  It most cer­tain­ly wouldn’t have hap­pened in Nigeria or South Africa, if Ms Banks even lived to her cur­rent age in either of those God-for­sak­en coun­tries.  Yep, those words in that con­text should trig­ger a few pro­gres­sives into a fit.  And I’ll ful­ly admit that Ms Banks is a rar­i­ty even with­in the United States, but she made it in a big way and owes a tremen­dous debt of grat­i­tude to America.  She may, or may not (per­haps she is a Trump sup­port­er her­self but is just using the anti-Trump dynam­ic to boost rat­ings among a par­tic­u­lar demo­graph­ic) have polit­i­cal dif­fer­ences with the cur­rent pres­i­dent who was duly elect­ed by the American peo­ple (Wah! Wah! Wah! .. he didn’t win the “pop­u­lar vote”), how­ev­er there is no polit­i­cal dif­fer­ence or rea­son, peri­od, that makes it accept­able for Ms Banks to per­mit ANTM to be used as a plat­form for lan­guage that, in any oth­er cir­cum­stance and against any oth­er per­son (Obama, Clinton), would right­ly be seen as offen­sive, dis­re­spect­ful and hate­ful.  And it’s equal­ly as wrong when it is direct­ed at President Trump.

It’s been an inter­est­ing bit of research to watch these first three episodes of ANTM, and an astute observ­er would note that the most secure, the most sta­ble, the most empow­ered, the most sure of her­self, the most con­fi­dent, the most poised girl of the lot this sea­son is Trump sup­port­er Liberty Netuschil. 

I asked you before what you thought about what Ms Coleman said, and what you think about her:  Do you see an out­spo­ken empow­ered young woman who is “stand­ing up” for what she believes in?  Or do you see what I see?  That is, a brat­ty young lady with an enti­tle­ment com­plex who has been raised in a pro­gres­sive lib­er­al echo cham­ber (not sur­pris­ing in the pub­lic school sys­tems these days) result­ing in her hav­ing a dis­tort­ed per­cep­tion of her­self as supe­ri­or; and a dis­tort­ed per­cep­tion of her com­mu­ni­ty, her coun­try, and the world that she lives in.  I’d say she has a dis­tort­ed per­cep­tion of pret­ty much every­thing, as I lis­ten to her speak, and she is some­one who has a lot of grow­ing up to do and some sig­nif­i­cant real­iza­tions to come to — and she will come to them, the hard way (like most peo­ple) — about the real world, the real nature of peo­ple and soci­eties, pol­i­tics, her life and her­self.

It’s been an inter­est­ing bit of research to watch these first three episodes of ANTM, and an astute observ­er would note that the most secure, the most sta­ble, the most empow­ered, the most sure of her­self, the most con­fi­dent, the most poised girl of the lot this sea­son is Trump sup­port­er Liberty Netuschil (@LibNetuschil).  Her par­ents have raised her well, and she is undoubt­ed­ly (the evi­dence is right there for all to see) the only girl on the show, so far at least, that tru­ly thinks for her­self and, impor­tant­ly, has the well estab­lished base of self con­fi­dence (she’s not just act­ing it like most of the girls) to — in the face of over­whelm­ing peer pres­sure to the con­trary — declare her­self a Trump sup­port­er and stick to it.  Like Trump him­self, Ms Netuschil doesn’t crum­ble under pres­sure.

Modelling men­tor and show judge Law Roach (@luxurylaw) asked Liberty if her makeover, which would “help take (her) from Idaho to L.A.,” would “help (her) be a Democrat?”  So it isn’t just “peer” pres­sure, but a men­tor and judge (who will help decide Liberty’s fate in the com­pe­ti­tion) who is mak­ing clear to a con­tes­tant, in no uncer­tain terms, that he’d think bet­ter of her if she changed her polit­i­cal opin­ions (or at least lied and joined the cho­rus of Trump-haters).  Yes, one can view Mr. Roach’s com­ment as one made in jest, which I tend to do, but with the pow­er dynam­ic, among oth­er fac­tors, I’m not so sure that even con­fi­dent and self-assured Liberty didn’t take from the com­ment that she’d be wise to become one with the Borg Democrats.  However, with the class and grace one would expect from her, Liberty was able to laugh and take a joke (whether Roach meant it as a joke, I’m not sure) — not be “trig­gered” like so many of her gen­er­a­tion — and assured­ly declare that NO, this will not make her a Democrat.

Good for you Liberty.  You can and should be very proud of your­self, and I hope that you are.  I’m cer­tain that your par­ents are.  That’s far more impor­tant, again in the real world, than talk­ing like a vul­gar brat­ty spoiled child who is angry she didn’t get her own way (but .. but .. Hillary deserved to be President).  And again, Tyra Banks should not give a plat­form to the sort of hatred espoused by the likes of Kyla Coleman.  At a min­i­mum, it ought not be the lan­guage and behav­ior that Tyra Banks is men­tor­ing or con­don­ing in a young mod­el hope­ful; and I’m sure that it actu­al­ly isn’t, if Ms Banks thought about it.

I hope as the sea­son con­tin­ues that we will see @TyraBanks sin­gle out Liberty for her courage and con­vic­tion.  So far, Liberty is the only girl that I see, in cycle 24, who embod­ies all that Tyra encour­ages in young women.  Oh, and give Liberty the recog­ni­tion and cred­it she deserves, with­out qual­i­fy­ing it with a “but I don’t agree with you” or some oth­er unnec­es­sary addi­tion for any pur­pose, whether to try to make your­self look or feel bet­ter in the eyes and minds of cer­tain peo­ple, or even if sim­ply because you in fact don’t agree … because giv­ing recog­ni­tion and encour­age­ment to Ms Netuschil wouldn’t be about you, it would be about her — a beau­ti­ful, brave, strong young American woman named Liberty Netuschil.


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