Why Should GM Oshawa Be Saved

Today while dri­ving around I saw a sign pro­claim­ing “Save GM Oshawa” and, in true mod­ern style, adver­tis­ing the #OshawaMadeGM hash­tag. The signs are cour­tesy UNIFOR and, pre­sum­ably, the house where I saw this par­tic­u­lar sign is the home of a GM work­er. I don’t live in Oshawa, but many peo­ple in my city and this region of Ontario are employed by GM and GM sup­pli­ers (although many few­er than in decades past).

It’s time to let Oshawa GM die … once and for all.

I’m going to assume that the inten­tion of UNIFOR is to pres­sure both the Ontario provin­cial and Canadian fed­er­al gov­ern­ments to hand over MILLIONS of tax­pay­ers’ dol­lars or, in the alter­na­tive, buy, barter or bribe jobs for union mem­bers.

It’s unfor­tu­nate for all the GM work­ers that they didn’t do more to pre­serve their own jobs — Like, for exam­ple, by drop­ping their union. I laughed out loud the last time the union was demand­ing more mon­ey and “con­ces­sions” from GM. Laughing because I could tell, as could every­one (like­ly includ­ing the union and GM work­ers them­selves) that they were well and tru­ly on the road to sim­ply screw­ing them­selves out of employ­ment.

Don’t now come seek­ing yet anoth­er gov­ern­ment bailout or bribery cam­paign aimed at a mul­ti-BILLION dol­lar pri­vate com­pa­ny.

Yes GM is impor­tant to the local Oshawa and Durham Region economies and beyond, but GM has been dying a long slow death in Oshawa. Everyone knew this day was com­ing. It most cer­tain­ly would have come soon­er — years ago — had gov­ern­ments not bailed out GM. It’s time to stop prop­ping up pri­vate enter­prise of this type in order to “secure jobs,” as the union likes to talk about. GM had a decades long run in Oshawa. While the union may like to pro­claim that Oshawa made GM it is far more accu­rate to say that GM cre­at­ed Oshawa or, at least, put it on the map. It is time to let GM make the deci­sions they need to make to remain com­pet­i­tive in a chang­ing glob­al world of auto man­u­fac­tur­ing. And, more impor­tant­ly, it’s time to stop inter­ven­ing in such deci­sions by attempt­ing to bribe and buy just a few more years. We’ve done that. We’ve already bought and paid for the extra years. It’s time to say good­bye to GM in Oshawa.

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